When our media experiences colour our real life ones

Very weird to think of it, but within entertainment we are exposed to a variety of occurrences and dialogues. These can be good, bad, both, or neither, but our life is still drawn in to a certain extent by our previous understandings so anything we experience is filtered…

My sister’s moving away for a year (or longer) and it’s like I’m going through the 5 Stages of Grief, but featuring help from random songs from mad men.

While I may not share Don Draper/Walt Witman’s experiences of say, growing up in a brothel without a mother, being raped by a mother figured, or even taking the identity of a dead superior officer in korea, I do feel like the way he experiences loss (or the way it is portrayed in the show) is very genuine.

So yeah right now I’m jamming both sides now trying to move forward and hoping Don can do the same next season. Might be a touch of unhealthy escapism in there but what’s life without escaping it?

This rant brought to you straight from me driving to toronto and back in the last 24 hrs, with co-sponsoring from “4 hours of sleep” and “several energy drinks”